Thursday, September 15, 2011

WVMP Giveaway Winner!

The WVMP Series Giveaway Winner for my contest is 


Even though the contest has ended, there is still time to sign up to join us for the WVMP series Read-Along in October.  The deadline to register for this fun event is Wednesday, September 28th. 

For more details about the event, please check out my main post HERE.

As a reminder, besides discussions about the books, participants will also get the chance to "Hangout" with the awesome author, Jeri Smith-Ready and characters Shane & Ciara will be tweeting with us.

Also, before you sign up for the read-along you need to know that the material contained in these books is geared toward an adult readership.  Explicit language, strong sexual content and fairly graphic violence are involved.  Please pass on this read-along if you are sensitive to any of these. 

Join me and the spectacular ladies of  What's on the BookshelfFictitious Delicious, & Living Fictitiously for a great time discussing this kick-butt series by one of our favorite authors!

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