Friday, September 23, 2011

Review: Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways by Traci Hall

Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways
Rhiannon Godfrey Book #1
Traci Hall
Samhain Publishing
December 1, 2008
Kindle edition

Rhiannon Godfrey is a psychic prodigy, but her parents don't see things her way. They think she needs a "normal" high school experience. She wants to stay in trendy Vegas. In the small farming town of Crystal Lake, being Wiccan doesn't exactly help the Godfreys blend in. Beyond angry, Rhiannon neglects to inform her parents the farmhouse they just bought is haunted. Instead, she decides to use the resident ghost to prove that she belongs back in Dr. Richards's Institute of Parapsychology. Not that dispelling ghosts is her area of expertise, but really, how hard can it be? And then there's Jared Roberts. Totally hot. For a cowboy, that is. Only problem? He comes with an evil twin sister, the shallow and popular Janet. Janet's only goal is to make Rhee's life miserable. So when she and her friends decide it's time for a little payback, Rhee goes to her mother's book of spells. Janet needs to be taught a lesson, and what harm can come from a few words? Just one little spell. -

When I started this book I thought Rhiannon was a bit whiny and sulky but the further I read and learned more about her, I could understand where she was coming from attitude-wise.  She did feel like a very real person to me. Of course I'm fifteen years her senior so I felt like she was being immature but the 15 year old girl that lives inside my brain sympathized with her and could see why she felt animosity for being transplanted to someplace new. It's clear that Rhiannon felt safe and had a good thing going at the Institute.

I am not a follower of Wicca and am unfamiliar with the practices but it gave the story an interesting spin. Rhiannon is embarrassed by her family's beliefs and how they practice their religion. I'm sure that we can all related to being embarrassed by family members are some point in our lives. The paranormal/ghost aspect was very interesting. For me, it added creep factor without going overboard to the point that I needed a friend to go use the restroom, if you know what I mean, or sleep with the lights on.

Of course her issues with the girls at school and integrating into high school is typical for an outsider-trying-to-fit-in story. Rhiannon is determined and stubborn, sometimes to a fault and detriment to herself. She certainly is not a stranger to making bad decisions, that's for sure.

Overall, I was entertained and enjoyed the story. It didn't change my life or make me gush and bounce over the moon about it but that's okay. Not every book can be my absolute favorite and not every female protagonist is going to feel like my long lost best friend. It wouldn't be a book that I would suggest right off the bat if someone asked me for a recommendation. The following books in the series would make for interesting reads and I wouldn't be opposed to picking them up in the future for tickles and grins just to see where Rhiannon's story goes.


  1. I sometimes have to put aside my older, wiser 40-ish year old self when reading YA so I'm not as judgmental of characters.
    The cover is really beautiful too.

  2. Totally agree with you and Karen...sometimes it's hard to remember that, as adults, we've grown (a little bit at least! haha!). It is great that she felt real to you!