Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tune in Tuesday (4): Anniversary Special Edition!

Tune in Tuesdays is hosted by Ginger at GReads to help spread the love of music!  I hope you enjoy and perhaps it will take you back.

My DH and I at our reception. My man in uniform! 

This week's tune I would like to share is Dan Fogelberg's "Longer."  Today just so happens to be the 8th wedding anniversary of my husband and I.  During our wedding ceremony, my sister-in-law played this on her flute and then it was also our first dance as husband and wife.  

My husband and I dated long distance while he was serving the military and I was in college.  During car rides, my mom and I would listen to the oldies & easy listening stations and every time this song came on, I was reminded of my sweetheart that was so far away. 

What song did you dance to at your wedding?  If you're not married, what song would you like to be your first dance?  Or do you and your current squeeze have a song?  I would love for you to share it with me :-)

Since today is my anniversary this is an extremely short post.  Join me tomorrow for Waiting on Wednesday!


  1. Beautiful song (can hear how it would sound on live on flute, played it in HS). CONGRATS on 8 years! My husband and I will be married 8 years in November (on the 8th..haha). Great pick. Thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoy the day.

  2. I always liked that song, it is perfect for a first dance. Happy anniversary!!!

  3. Aww Happy Anniversary!! I'm so glad Tune in Tuesday could be a part of it on your blog :-) I am not married, so obviously I don't have a wedding song. Not sure if this would THE song choice, but I've always pictured myself dancing at my wedding to "Your Song" by Elton John :-)

  4. @Ginger - that is an awesome song :)
    @Anne - Thank you very much!
    @Mandie - Thank you and congrats on the same! (just way early!)

  5. Happy Anniversary Marissa and what a handsome hubbie you have!

  6. Happy Anniversary Marissa!
    That must have sounded so pretty on the flute.
    My hubby was in the military (Navy/subs) so we had a few years of long distance dating. We eloped so no wedding song.
    It's not really *our* song but we both think of each other when we hear Death Cab for Cutie's "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" which is kind of but there you go.
    We've been together for almost 25 years so there are too many songs to remember :-)
    Beautiful picture!

  7. Thank you Tee & the same to you Karen! Please tell your hubby TY for serving! Navy life is NOT easy. Well -not that serving any branch is cake...
    Grats on 20+ years!

    I don't think that song is morbid. No worse than "'Til death do you part". Talk about creepy..

  8. Happy Anniversary! What an incredibly sweet song. Hadn't really thought about a song for my first dance. Knowing me I'd go with something non-traditional.

  9. Thanks, Jen! Non-traditional is awesome too! Sometimes I wish I had been a bit more creative, but in all honesty, we are very traditional people so I guess it fit. :)

  10. All that matters is that you guys had an amazing time regardless if it was in a traditional or non-traditional way. =)

  11. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful and touching song! My husband and I had a quick wedding... I became pregnant (surprise!) and we were living in the Middle East at the time and it was illegal to have a baby unwed, so we ended up getting married within a week of finding out. We were lucky enough to pull together a nice quiet wedding, which is what I always wanted. Unfortunately by the time the reception part came around I ended up leaving early because I felt the ill, so we left our family and friends behind to celebrate for us and I went home and slept. Unromantic, I know! But we've been married now for 6 years and sharing our life together for 8! There is one Russian song that I listened to over and over the morning of the day I got married - while I was getting ready, and it's called Bride. I remember I was all teary and excited... :) Good memory. Unfortunately I have a copy of the song, but it's not on YT.

    Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your anniversary!

  12. Happy Anniversary to some of the best people I can gladly say are my friends. I have known LL since birth, lol and am getting to know you Ris more and more. May y'all always be blessed and never worry. I love both of you so very much!

  13. Aw thanks for sharing Liza :) I was very teary and stressed out so I definitely cut loose at the reception. What matters most is that you are with the one you love!

    @Starr - Thank you, dear! It means the world to me. I know that you and KC are LL's oldest friends and I"m so glad I get to know you more and more every day as well :D One day we'll meet in person. I PROMISE!