Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tune in Tuesday (5): 80's Edition

Tune in Tuesdays is hosted by Ginger at GReads to help spread the love of music!  I hope you enjoy and perhaps it will take you back.

Since this is my birth month and I am a definite child of the 80's for the next two installments I am going to celebrate my birth decade.  So if you don't like the music from that era, go no further!

My older half-brother Patrick is probably mostly to blame for a large part of this list.  I can remember him listening to Duran Duran, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and even the Beastie Boys.  Seriously, thinking about it now I might have Pat to thank for my eclectic tastes!  Well, and my parents, too, but of course you always want to listen to what your big brother does right?  Without further ado, I take you back in time to the 80s.

Duran Duran: Save a Prayer

Madonna: Get Into the Groove

Michael Jackson: Billie Jean

Poison: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

What's your Tune in Tuesday pick? 


  1. Very nice 80s picks!! :D I'm an 80s child myself and have true love for music from the decade. :) Happy birthday month!!

    Here's my Tune in Tuesday post!

  2. Aww I love that you're showcasing 80s music :-) I'm an 80s child, too. We had the record (yes! the vinyl record!!) of Michael Jackson & played it endlessly in my house. Such good memories.

  3. Ohhh I love Madonna and Poison!

  4. Love that Madonna song! My mum was obsessed with her so I heard a lot of her music growing up. Like a Prayer was always my favourite. :)

  5. I was not a child of the 80's but my best friend and I have a strange obsession with music from the time. I love that you posted all these!
    p.s. Happy Birthday Month!

  6. I'm an 80's kid, too! Go us! :) Thanks for taking me back... lol

    My Tune in Tuesday pick!

  7. I'm on a time crunch atm but I will be sure to drop by your pages and check your picks out! :)
    Thanks for dropping by.