Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Out of commission

It might be some time before I post again. Unfortunately, I had a wee bit of an accident while attempting to roller skate today. I discovered that gravity is still a heartless bitch. In my right arm: the top of my radius bone broke off & is floating by itself. The very top tip of my ulna bone broke off (little triangle piece). Also, the ball joint of my humerus is also multiply cracked. Short of it, I need reconstructive surgery & will need physical therapy. So far the nerves are okay & intact. Can feel my fingers & wiggle even though it hurts like the dickens. The orthopedic doctor said  they won't know about the ligaments until they do more scans or when they operate.
However, they don't have the resources here to do this surgery so they are sending me to Hawaii. 

If you'd like to stay updated, please follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Those are ultimately easier to update. I will try to remind hubby to tag me in status updates. 

Happy blogging & reading, fellow bookies! See you on the flip side of surgery. All my bookish love,

PS - My Waiting on Wednesday is..... Surgery. Haha 


  1. OMG..LOL..I am not laughing at you, but the part on the rollerskates! Im so sorry this has will all be ok, and hey! at least you get a trip to Hawaii right? Love you Marissa..keep us updated and mend up fast! X

  2. No -one over 20 should roller skate! My friend broke her hand skating earlier this year.
    Hopefully you at least get to enjoy Hawaii a little.
    I'm so sorry and I hope you get better and back to us all soon.

  3. Oh no!! That sounds uber, horribly painful!! I'm wishing you a quick and relatively painless procedure/recovery...and Hawaii!! Woohoo! At least there's a silver lining (with softly blowing palm trees and gently lapping waves) to this situation!

  4. Woah! Sorry to hear about your accidental. That doesn't sound fun at all. Good luck with everything! I wish your trip to Hawaii was for something better than surgery.

  5. Holy crap! This explains your tweet from the other day. So sorry to hear about your accident. Roller skates are evil I tell ya. I hope you feel better soon! If there's anything you need don't hesitate to ask!

  6. I miss you already!! Hope everything goes well and you get better soon! *hugs*