Monday, October 24, 2011

Until I Die UK cover reveal

Hello again, lovelies! I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately but this whole broken elbow business has been a real trip (sorry about the pun). I haven't really been reading as much as I could/should and the motivation to blog is next to non-existent. 

However, I just had to share this gorgeous cover that was revealed yesterday by Amy Plum, author of the Revenant series. If you haven't read Die for Me (Book 1) yet, you should do it ASAP. Go put it on your TBR RIGHT NOW! I'll wait....

One, one-thousand
Two, one-thousand
Three, one-thousand
Four, one-thousand
Five, one-thousand

Did you do it?

If you didn't, shame on you! 

Without further ado, I now share with you the gorgeous cover for Until I Die:

As an added bonus, Amy is holding an ARC contest here. Read the whole post to find out how to enter. Pay close attention to detail and good luck! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tune in Tuesday (7): Soundtrack Edition

Tune in Tuesdays is hosted by Ginger at GReads to help spread the love of music!  I hope you enjoy and perhaps it will take you back.

Ginger picked the month of October to have the theme of soundtracks, which I just HAVE to participate in. Since I missed last week because I was supposed to have surgery, I have a BUNCH of stuff to share with you, dear followers!

Music is a HUGE part of whom I am and I swear that I must have loved it in the womb or at least came out head first with the soul intent of devouring music the way I devour books. At one time, I wanted to be on Broadway and I have been involved in school & community musical theater productions. Today I would like to share some pieces from the shows I have taken part. In  all but Godspell I was in the chorus with various roles at different points in the musicals (ie. servant #2). However, for Godspell I was behind the scenes and was prop mistress which was very fun even though I wasn't singing or dancing.

Lil' Abner - Jubilation T. Cornpone

Kiss Me Kate - We Open in Venice

Oklahoma - Title song reprise

The Sound of Music - the Lonely Goatherd (I dare you to watch & not smile)

Bye, Bye Birdie - Telephone Hour

Godspell - Day by Day

Do you have any musicals that you grew up watching or listening?

Wings of the Wicked ARC Giveaway by Reading with Martinis

Kelly from Reading with Martinis is celebrating her One Year Blogiversary with
a giveaway of 2 ARCS of Wings of the Wicked (Angelfire #2) by Courtney Allison Moulton!

If you've read Angelfire and can't wait for February 14, 2012 to read Wings of the Wicked, you should head on over to Reading with Martinis & help celebrate Kelly's year of blogging & continue to support her by following her blog.

The GIVEAWAY will run from October 3, 2011, to October 17, 2011 so head on over there now to enter. Be sure to read & follow the contest rules. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Broken Bones Hawaiian Adventure: Surgery Postponed til Wednesday


Today was nothing short of a huge disappointment. First, I'm sorry that I am about to rant but you might agree with me and would be cheesed off if you were me. Second, there is a good point of this story and my doctor made the right decision but let me start at the beginning...

Followed all of my pre-op directions to the letter; no food or drink after midnight, used the pre-surgery wipes they provided, etc. I had my last dose of percocet at 2 am on time with a few sips of water to get it down (which was allowed).

This morning we woke up and caught the cab to the hospital. I checked in before 8 am since that was the time I was supposed to report to Surgery Admission. I went through all of the steps: waiting room, vitals check, hospital garb pick-up, waiting room #2.  While I waited to be called on to get prepped, I sat freezing in their waiting room but at least got a warm toasty blanket from the warming drawer. SCORE!

I don't really know what time they called me to get prepped in my styling hospital gown, robe & footy socks to get ready to walk back to the Surgery Holding Room. Doesn't that sound positively penitential? Anyway, I met with the team that would be working on me as well as some of the surgery nurses and my anesthesiologist... that was a DEAD RINGER for the cab driver from this morning!  

The anesthesiologist talks to me and puts my IV in and is about to give me my knockout drugs when he steps away only to come back to tell me that there was a problem with the sterilizing of some of the equipment for my surgery. It will need to be re-sterilized and that would push my surgery least another 1-2 hours.

Now, keep in mind it's going on lunchtime, I haven't eaten since before midnight, and my last percocet for my poor broken elbow/arm has now been at least 8+ hours before.

They wheel me in my bed back to Surgery Admission Center & put me in two different rooms b/c the first was needed for other patients. I finally fell asleep, arm hurting and still in considerable discomfort, hoping to have surgery to wake up to a different level of pain. I was awoken at 2 pm by my doctor who came in person to tell me the following:

The prosthetic parts for my reconstructive surgery weren't properly sterilized. If they had used them as they were, there is a good chance I could have wound up with an infection after surgery. Even after the parts are sterilized they have to wait 2-3 hours to ensure the process worked. Doctor Taylor could have signed a waiver saying he was aware of the complication but would use them anyway. But. He didn't. AND THAT'S FINE BY ME! I am glad that he was concerned about health & safety procedures to not put me at risk. But I  hate that it took them almost 2 hours after prepping me for surgery to tell me and make the decision to postpone it.

Tomorrow I am the first patient scheduled and have to start back at step 1 again. While this is HIGHLY  frustrating, I am glad Doctor Taylor was professional & showed the utmost care for me & my health. Just really put out that I have to go through everything again and get mentally prepared again. If i was nervous today, I know tomorrow will be worse. Not to mention, I've got a nice big bruise at my IV site. Wondering where/how they'll repeat THAT tomorrow.

Nothing can ever be easy, can it? Here's hoping for a smoother tomorrow. Praying everything happens the way it should.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Broken Bones Hawaiian Adventure: Surgery Scheduled

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the day. Checking in with Surgery department @ 8 am. Don't know exact time of surgery. Doctor said it might take 2-3 hours of surgery to do the repairs needed. 
Doctor Taylor said I would be the biggest case of the day so they'll have a few people working on me. Sounds kinda scary, right? He tried to lighten the mood & joked about things you never want to hear from a doctor:
  1. Wow! I've never seen THAT before!
  2. Hold on for a second -- let me get my camera.
  3. Someone grab that thing rolling away; we might need it later. 

Apparently not only did the radial head break off, it also turned around somehow. They said they would try to save the radial head but right now it is a very real possibility they will be giving me a constructed one. There are a few other things they will have to deal with as well. As for the ligaments, they won't know about them until them go in and see them.

Barring any complications, I should be headed back to the hotel room after recovery & especially after I can give a "thumbs up" sign so they know the nerves in my arm are functioning. I will be in Hawaii for 3 more weeks after surgery for recovery and the start of physical and/or occupational therapy. 

Doctor Taylor and the orthopedic staff were very nice today. I feel safe in their hands. Thank you for all the concern and support, my dear friends & bloggies! It means a lot to me. Obviously I won't be posting for a few days during initial recovery, but I shall try to keep you updated about my recovery. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook if you'd like faster news.

Mahalo from Hawaii,

Monday, October 3, 2011

Welcome to the WVMP Radio Series Read-Along

Welcome to the WVMP Radio Series Read Along!  If our planning sessions are any indication, this Read Along is going to be a GREAT time.

We start our reading of WICKED GAME today and we’re very anxious to start discussing the goings-on in Sherwood with all of you.

Here are some things to keep in mind as we begin the Read Along:

1.     Test out your Google+ account as soon as you can. When you log in to your account you should have a notification from Jen Duffey sharing a WVMP Circle with you.  Accept her invitation and...Voila!  You'll have your very own WVMP Circle that includes all participants of the Read Along.
2.     When you want to submit a post to the WVMP Read Along group, be sure to share with your WVMP Circle so everyone can see your question/comment.
3.     Come visit us OFTEN on Google+. While each host will be posting discussion questions throughout each week, we want YOU to post what’s on your mind. Start or comment on a discussion thread anytime you’d like. 
4.     Come visit us OFTEN on Facebook.  Because Google+ is new to so many of us, we’re going to be posting questions on the WVMP Fan Page on Facebook, too. Post on the wall at any time!
5.     Each comment you make on Google+ and Facebook earns you an entry into a weekly swag giveaway.
6.     NO SPOILERS. Please keep discussions relevant to current and prior readings only.



Find your hosts on Google+: 


October 1 – 8 WICKED GAME hosted by Fictitious Delicious
Oct. 2: Prompt questions from first half of the book posted. PLEASE keep discussions relevant to current reading. Let’s not post spoilers, ok?
Oct. 5: Prompt questions from second half of the book posted. PLEASE keep discussions relevant to current and prior readings only. Let’s not post spoilers, ok?  

October 9 – 17 BAD TO THE BONE hosted by Living Fictitiously
Oct. 9: Prompt questions from first half of the book posted. PLEASE keep discussions relevant to current and prior readings only. Let’s not post spoilers, ok? 
Oct. 12: Prompt questions from second half of the book posted. PLEASE keep discussions relevant to current and prior readings only. Let’s not post spoilers, ok? 

October 18 – 26 BRING ON THE NIGHT hosted by What’s on the Bookshelf
Oct. 18: Prompt questions from first half of the book posted. PLEASE keep discussions relevant to current and prior readings only. Let’s not post spoilers, ok? 
Oct. 26: Prompt questions from second half of the book posted. PLEASE keep discussions relevant to current and prior readings only. Let’s not post spoilers, ok? 

October 17 – 30 LET IT BLEED hosted by And many to read before I sleep and What’s on the Bookshelf
Oct. 29: Prompt questions from all posted portions of the online novella.


          Follow them: @ShaneMcAllister and @CiaraGriffin and @jsmithready
          Hashtag: #WVMPchat

Come chat with Jeri when she joins us for a WVMP hangout.  Additional instructions for the hangout will be posted when we get closer to the date. Be sure to mark your calendars for this awesome event hosted by Jen Duffey from What’s on the Bookshelf.

The ULTIMATE FEED THE NEED GIVEAWAY question is posted.  Winner selected and posted on November 2.


What are prompt questions? These are questions that the current week’s host will post on Google+and Facebook to prompt discussion.  Please understand that you can post your own questions on Google+ and Facebook at any time.  Prompt questions are meant only to get the conversation going.

How do I win a weekly giveaway? Create or comment on any Google+ and Facebook discussion thread.  Each comment is an entry.  Hosts from each week will select a winner at random on the last day of their hosted week.  Winners will be posted on Google+ and Facebook.

What is the ULTIMATE FEED THE NEED GIVEAWAY? This prize package includes a WVMP Coffee Mug (from What’s on the Bookshelf), a WVMP Tote Bag (from Fictitious Delicious), a copy of ETERNAL: MORE STORIES WITH BITE (this is a YA anthology that includes a WVMP story) (from Living Fictitiously) and a $15.00 iTunes Gift Card (from Many to Read Before I Sleep).  Yeah, you want this.

How do I win the ULTIMATE FEED THE NEED GIVEAWAY? First of all, you are eligible to win the grand prize IF AND ONLY IF you signed up for the Read Along prior to October 1.  Secondly, pay attention to the details as you read the series.  We’re going to ask you a question that only a pro can answer at the end of the Read Along.  If you answer correctly, your name goes into a drawing. 

What if I have other questions? Please post any questions you might have during the Read Along onto your Google+ page or the WVMP Fan Page on Facebook.  One of the hosts will be happy to help you.