Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Broken Bones Hawaiian Adventure: Surgery Scheduled

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the day. Checking in with Surgery department @ 8 am. Don't know exact time of surgery. Doctor said it might take 2-3 hours of surgery to do the repairs needed. 
Doctor Taylor said I would be the biggest case of the day so they'll have a few people working on me. Sounds kinda scary, right? He tried to lighten the mood & joked about things you never want to hear from a doctor:
  1. Wow! I've never seen THAT before!
  2. Hold on for a second -- let me get my camera.
  3. Someone grab that thing rolling away; we might need it later. 

Apparently not only did the radial head break off, it also turned around somehow. They said they would try to save the radial head but right now it is a very real possibility they will be giving me a constructed one. There are a few other things they will have to deal with as well. As for the ligaments, they won't know about them until them go in and see them.

Barring any complications, I should be headed back to the hotel room after recovery & especially after I can give a "thumbs up" sign so they know the nerves in my arm are functioning. I will be in Hawaii for 3 more weeks after surgery for recovery and the start of physical and/or occupational therapy. 

Doctor Taylor and the orthopedic staff were very nice today. I feel safe in their hands. Thank you for all the concern and support, my dear friends & bloggies! It means a lot to me. Obviously I won't be posting for a few days during initial recovery, but I shall try to keep you updated about my recovery. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook if you'd like faster news.

Mahalo from Hawaii,


  1. Kisses and hugs...keeping you in my thoughts! and I miss ya!!

  2. *hug* My thoughts are with you. Everything will turn out fine, you'll see.

  3. Best of luck to you! Sending positive thoughts your way!!!

    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves