Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top 20 Literary Crushes: Part II

My mom always said I was boy crazy and I guess she was right!  Without further ado I present to you the second half of my top twenty literary crushes.  If you missed the first half, check out Part I.  As an aside, I don't have pictures of all of these guys, so you'll just have to take my word or read their awesome books!

In no particular order:

From a City of Bones Movie website
11.  Jace Wayland
       Cassandra Clare

The snarky, buff, blonde-haired, golden-eyed wonder that is Jace Wayland, I must admit was at the very tip top of my list for quite a long time.  Not only is Jace gorgeous, a BAMF and handy with a multitude of weapons (including his Shadowhunter steele), but I love his sense of humor.  “See? Look.  Jammies.”  There is no doubt the boy has lead a tortured life and needs some balance.  Jace is a tempest and can sometimes be reckless.  No doubt this fearless guy is swoon worthy.  My verdict is still out on Jamie Campbell Bower as the choice for Jace in the movie adaptation but he is growing on me.

12.  Will Herondale
        Cassandra Clare

Yes, another of Cassie Clare’s boys has made my top 20.  If Jace is tortured there is little to doubt that poor Will is broken and damaged.  Will is witty and can be very charming but he hides behind a façade.  You can tell he is a caring and sensitive soul but he prefers to show the world something completely opposite to keep everyone at a distance.  I think that’s the part of what draws me to Will; the need to crack open his hard exterior shell and get to know him better.  If you have read Clockwork Angel and judging from the attic scene, you know Will can be extremely passionate, which I love.      

Brightly Woven13.  Wayland North, better known as just North
        Brightly Woven 
        Alexandra Bracken

North is the second magic-user on my list.  He is a wizard (reluctantly) but that is just his occupation.  A gentleman, brave, super intelligent, courageous, and sweet in his own way, North is easy to love. He is very affectionate and does these little things like pushing back Syd’s hair or entwining their hands together that is so sweet.  I think he is the biggest sweetheart of my list.  Truly. 

14.  Kent Ourvelet
        Sharon Shinn

Kent is the cousin to the crown prince of Auburn and as an Ouvrelet he is expected to carry himself with dignity and display a sense of honor and duty.  While he is in a position of power, he doesn’t let it go to his head.  He even taught a guard how to read because he promised to – so he is a man of his word.  Kent is down to earth and will go out of his way to be the voice of reason to the pigheaded and hot-tempered Prince Bryan.  He is a private type of guy and does not let his feelings show.  Kent also knows how to sweep you off your feet and glide you across the dance floor and he's sturdy and dependable.     

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour15.  Roger Sullivan
        Morgan Matson

Roger Sullivan is a darling.  He has awesome taste in music – just check out his road trip playlists.  Adorable in glasses (sucker for a guy in glasses, I am), great with trivia, smart, sweet, easy going…Roger is just adorable.  His relationship is so natural with Amy.  If you need a shoulder to cry on, a co-pilot or someone to drive across the country with, Roger makes the perfect companion.

16.  Denver Beck
        Jana Oliver

Known to most as Beck, this twenty-two year old demon trapper extraordinaire hails from Georgia and is a military veteran, having served in Afghanistan.  Beck is prickly, self-confident, tough, and knows how to take care of himself.  But don’t let his harsh outside fool you; Beck has a soft interior (he listens to Taylor Swift!) and a protective instinct when it comes to Riley.  He is in complete denial about his feelings for her but it is clear he does feel something for the girl.  Beck has seen a lot in his short lifetime and it’s understandable that he keeps to himself to avoid more hurt.  Can’t wait to see more of him and Riley next week! (Check out my Waiting on Wednesday post about Soul Thief).

17.  "Four"
         Veronica Roth

Four is the only dystopian guy on my list (sorry Peeta!).  Where to start with Four?  He is part of the Dauntless faction in a dysfunctional future Chicago.  Four is intelligent and tough and definitely good at fighting.  He could have had his choice of any job, but he chose to train new initiates of the faction.  Four is also computer-savy and works in a control room.  Buff, tough, nearly fearless, and highly intimidating; there is something dangerous about Four.  However, he fights for what he thinks is right and is a well-rounded character.  He pushes Tris to be the best she can be and doesn't treat her like a damsel in distress but is still supportive of her.  Something very sexy about all these qualities wrapped into one guy.  

18.  Nicholas Brisbane, "Brisbane"
       Deanna Raybourn

Brisbane is a private detective that could rival Sherlock Holmes.  Another man among men, he is not from a YA novel.  Brisbane is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome.  He is dashing, charming, has an acute eye for detail, highly perceptive and just completely amusing.  He is fearless, versed in Shakespeare, a scholar, and jack of all trades.  There is nothing he can't do, ladies.  Brisbane will charm you off your feet and he looks amazing in his finery.  Deanna says the late Mark Frankel is how she envisions Brisbane but honestly... I prefer someone like Clive Owen perhaps...

19.  Gilbert Blythe
Gilbert rescues Anne from the bridge piling
       Anne of Green Gables series
       L.M. Montgomery

Gilbert Blythe was one of my very first literary crushes.  It also helped that he was played by the dashing Jonathan Crombie in the Sullivan Entertainment version.  Gilbert was the first example of how if a boy likes you, he will tease you just to get your attention.  He was always so devoted and besotted with Anne, even when she was to blind to see how much he cared for her.  Obviously Gilbert was brilliant; competing with Anne every step of the way academically, he went on to become a doctor!  Gilbert was truly selfless and always willing to do what was best for Anne (giving up his teaching post so she could be closer to home, studying with her, saving her from drowning in the lake) and was truly an example of "If you love something, let it go and if it's meant to be, they will come back to you."  Determined, loyal, many great qualities.    

20.  Alec Ysvorod
         Coronets & Steel
        Sherwood Smith

Alec is my second Sherwood character and it's well deserved.  He is another in line for a throne but in a contemporary society.  Alec is very similar in disposition to Vidanric.  He knows his duty to his country, is well-versed in politics, is willing to sacrifice his personal happiness to fulfill what is expected of him, is suave and charming, and is like a knight in shining armor (minus the armor).  Alec looks delectable in a tuxedo and knows all the right things to say to make your heart skip a beat.  If your idea of a romantic outing is a picnic and night out under the stars, Alec is THE man for you.

I hope you've enjoyed my top twenty crushes!  Be sure to share your's with me.  I would love to read about them and add to the list of swoon-worthy men. 



  1. You've got some great choices there. Of course I agree with you on the uber awesome Zachary Moore and Jace Wayland, along with Will Herondale. I'd have to add Keeley Logan from the Shade Series and James Carstairs (Jem) from the Infernal Devices. ;) Awesome blog post--- heart ya! - Kimberdee

  2. Another great post. I totally agree with you on Cassie's boys. Very swoon worthy indeed. I love Will and I so want to fix him. I want to hug Jace and tell him everything is going to be alright and really mean it. ;( Oh and Four...*sigh*, loved him in Divergent.