Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh that green eyed lad who's become quite a fad

Zachary Moore - the new international man of mystery, green eyed hottie-Scottie!

The lovely ladies over at YA Sisterhood have been hosting a Crush Tournament featuring the amazing heroes and second-string fellas of YA fiction.  Oh, what an amazing journey it has been.  

Zachary Moore is the amazing, romantic Scottsman of both "Shade" and "Shift" and up-coming "Shine" (which will be released next year) by the very sweet and talented Jeri Smith-Ready.  Our boy Zach is being represented in the YA Crush Tourney by the wonderful ladies over at Ficticious Delicious.  On their site you will find the TeamKiltHub  where you can take a gander at all the goings on in the world of TeamKilt.

Today we are trying to edge Zach on to defeat the imposing and formidable Jace of Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series.  (You might already know who he is...)

I've chatted with a few our of zany, wacky members and we are the team with heart, let me tell you.  We made it a close tie and were able to be victorious when Zach went against Tod (from the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent).

Join us today and support Zach!  Tons of bloggers are doing giveaways and you can check out out the Team Kilt Giveaway Hop hosted by Karen at For What It's Worth.  Jeri has already posted her incentives on her blog Round 5 Incentives.

For those that Twitter, use the hashtag #TeamKilt to join in on the fun!

  Go #TeamKilt