Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Burns Night: Random Scottish tidbits

Hello lassies. January 25th marks the special celebration of Robert Burns, "Scotland's national bard." Check out the official website for this amazing son of Scotland. 

Jen & Amy at Fictitious Delicious are holding a Get Your Scot On blog hop. Head on over to link up and Get Your Scot On! Jeri Smith-Ready has put a bunch of activities together for everyone. If you haven't read her amazing SHADE series, you are missing out! 

With the admin stuff straightened away, I now present to you a few random "tidbits".

Having been a music major for about a quarter of my life, it is only fitting that I commemorate today with musical tidbits about Robert Burns and Scotland.

If you live in America, you are exposed to Burns' work every year and you probably don't even know it. The popular song "Auld Land Syne" that we traditionally sing to ring in each New Year as the clock strikes midnight is actually an ancient Scottish melody. Robert Burns actually wrote the second & third verses and his friend George Thomson set them all to the melody of an old Lowland tune that was also used for the songs "I Fee'd (Hired) A Lad At Michaelmas," "The Miller's Wedding," and also "The Miller's Daughter." I found this information in a piano arrangement book that I've had since high school: "The American Song Treasury 100 Favorites" by Theodore Raph. (I'm too lazy to do an actual citation as it's almost midnight my time).

Auld Lang Syne 

Random humor tidbit but also musical...

As a lass,  knowing how much music influenced my life, my mom and grandmother always used to find...unique...ways of encouraging my love and obsession. To my surprise, one year for a holiday (I cannot remember if it was a random Christmas or Birthday gift) I received a "Learn to Play the Bagpipes" kit. Oh yes, I did. Believe it. Pretty sure this is the one. It wasn't great quality but it is the thought that counts. I'm pretty sure I had an "OOoooook" look when I opened it. Maybe I should have tried to use it a bit more so I could have played for you in a video. Now THAT would have been something. 

Tonight I celebrated Burns Night with some Walker Scottish Shortbread and a glass of milk. 

Cheers to you and yours! 

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